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What did the legal community enjoy in 2018?

Sometimes you read the court decision and see: the "Jewish conventions", the calculations in the "minions". We will post about some curiosities of the legal world on our Facebook pages. In 2017, we decided to write a separate article про те, що нам трапилось під час роботи. А згодом вирішили започаткувати традицію – складати ТОП власних знахідок, які трапились команді Bargen’a. Минув рік – і ми готові знову трохи потішити читачів 😉

Norms were dedicated

Раніше 23 лютого святкували відчайдушно. Яскравий приклад трапився нам у справі про оспорювання батьківства. Через 2-денний запійний марафон чоловік схоже забув про народження дитини 🙂

“Representatives of the plaintiff pointed out the impossibility to have children due to non-standard sexual orientation. On the day of registration of the child (February 25, 2010) the defendant was with his friend and neighbor, with whom he was drunk for several days due to the celebration of "Defender of the Fatherland Day". He did not inform his relatives and acquaintances about the birth of the child ”



Lose words in 60 seconds. 

Цікава історія: прокуратура “втратила” речові докази у сумі 25 000$, а начальник СБУ просить суд їх повернути для  ̶п̶р̶о̶в̶е̶д̶е̶н̶н̶я̶ ̶в̶і̶д̶п̶у̶с̶т̶к̶и̶  проведення ОРД 🙂 O tempora, o mores!




To the attention of all DNR performers!

League. The law knows that actually interests lawyers. The issue of appealing against the actions of DPR executors has long needed clarification.  


Life and death issues for business owners

Отримали на корпоративну пошту кумедний спам. Захід для власників бізнесу про те, що робити після власної смерті 🙂 Не знаємо, чому там вчать, але цільова аудиторія вибрана точно професійно.


Moratorium on inspections

The first article in 2018, which received 10,000 views per year and not least because of the images for the post. This is how carefully those control bodies that did not fall under the moratorium conduct inspections. all without exception of enterprises and natural persons-entrepreneurs!



The inspector of the State Labor Service is blocked

It is easier to cancel the fine of the State Labor Service. It is only necessary to prevent the inspector of the State Labor Inspectorate from inspecting. All you need is one closet and one J door  

This was done by employees of the sole proprietorship - the inspector could not get into the room because access was blocked by cabinets. However, the inspector could not prove that the cabinets belonged to the FOP and that it was the FOP employees who put them in front of the door. Therefore, the court overturned the decision of the State Labor on the imposition of a fine :)


In 2019, the lawyer's monopoly is growing - so the T-shirt becomes relevant again. Dedicated to the lawyer's monopoly in the first instance.


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