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Can regulators stop business?

In fact, many regulators have the right to sue to shut down a business after an inspection:
Such powers have, for example, the SES (firefighters), the Ecoinspection, the State Labor Service, the State Food and Consumer Service.

If after the inspection of the supervisory body the inspector finds many violations, he goes to court. However, these violations must pose a threat to human life and health or to the environment. For example, these violations can result in fire, accident, or air pollution.

What to do when the controlling body has filed such a lawsuit?

Courts often side with inspectors, especially when the inspector finds many violations. Therefore, it is important to eliminate most of the violations as much as possible.
After that, you need to ask the inspectors to conduct an unscheduled inspection to establish the fact of elimination of violations

With regard to violations that are impossible or difficult to eliminate, it is necessary to form a legal position, which should be set out in the response to the statement of claim. For example, it can be argued that these violations do not pose a threat to human life and health.

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