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Equipment supply contracts.

The purchase of equipment for any company is a very important event, because usually such a purchase is associated with the upgrade or increase of new capacity. The success of such an operation depends on the supply contract.

What is important to specify in the contract?

What exactly is delivered.
Specify not only the name. As much as possible specify the important technical characteristics of the equipment, its condition and completeness.

Place of delivery.
Who, where exactly, how and for whose money will deliver the equipment. Who is responsible for damage during delivery.

It is important to clearly define not only the terms of delivery and payment for the equipment, but also the terms of any other actions related to the delivery: notification of readiness for delivery; notification of identified deficiencies; elimination of shortcomings; refund of prepayment, if the equipment was not delivered; payment of penalties; termination of the contract and others.

Equipment quality requirements and the procedure for settling quality claims.
This is perhaps the most important part of the contract. We have dedicated a separate article to this. Read here.

Limitation period.
Very few buyers know that the law provides a fairly short period to protect their rights in connection with the supply of low-quality equipment - 6 months. It can be extended in the contract.

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