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Information sign & Outdoor advertising

There is a penalty for placing ads without proper permission. Quite often, when posting general information about the company, entrepreneurs do not realize that such a sign falls under the concept of "advertising". What to keep in mind so that your sign does not become an advertisement:

The sign may contain ONLY information on: company name, type of activity, signs for goods and services (if any) and work schedule.
Specifying any other information automatically turns your sign into an advertisement.

An information sign can be located ONLY at the entrance to the premises of the enterprise or on the floor where the premises are located (in the case of the external facade of the building).
Outdoor advertising is not tied to the location of the enterprise and can be placed anywhere.

If the size of the sign exceeds 3 square meters, it is also automatically converted into advertising.

And most importantly. All you need to do is notify the city planning department about the location of the sign. At the same time it is possible to make it both before its placement, and after. The procedure for submitting such a notification is regulated at the local level.
As for outdoor advertising, you will need to obtain special permission before you can install it. Such permits are issued by executive bodies of city councils or regional administrations (depending on where it is planned to place advertisements). This procedure is more complicated and, of course, longer.

For those who do not want to get permission or submit any messages at all, there is an alternative - you can install information board near his premises. No approvals are required for this (at least in Kyiv).
In any case, we recommend that you first read the local rules for placing information signs / plates, as they differ in each region.

If you want to prepare for the inspection, or you need to appeal the fine of the supervisory authority - leave your number and we will call you.


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