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Agreement on conciliation in a criminal case.

You may have seen in American films how criminals come to an agreement with the prosecutor to get less punishment. In Ukraine, there is a similar tool that allows you to enter into an agreement between the victim and the accused.

When does it work?
In small matters. There are many cases in which the owner can be distracted in court. For example, theft of property or money of entrepreneurs, various types of fraud committed by anyone (visitors, sellers, cashiers). If the case against the person has already been sent to court, and you have been recognized as a victim, then in such cases the agreement will save your time. The court considers the agreement in 1 session.

What is it interesting for an entrepreneur?
The agreement may provide for damages in a specific period in exchange for a lesser penalty or probation. The interest of the accused is clear, so there is a real chance to get compensation.

Who can initiate the agreement?
Both the accused and the victim. The agreement is approved at the court hearing with their participation, so you will have to appear in one hearing :)

Read more about concluding a reconciliation agreement in an article by partner partner Bargen Dmitry Nikiforov.

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