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Use of a public contract in business.

What is a public contract?
Under a public contract, the entrepreneur undertakes to sell goods, perform work or provide services to anyone who comes to him.

The terms of the public contract are set by the entrepreneur and they are the same for all consumers.

The consumer has the right only to agree to the terms of the public contract or not to conclude it.

Public contract conclude with consumers
in such areas

Sale of goods or provision of services via the Internet;
Passenger transportation;
Hotel service, etc.

The entrepreneur has the right to refuse to enter into a contract if he is unable to provide a service, perform work or sell goods.

Form of public contract:
A public contract can be oral, written or electronic.

The entrepreneur places the public contract in a visible place (for example, the consumer's corner) or on a website in free access.

How to buy can join a public contract? 

pay money for goods, services;
write a statement of accession to a public contract;
register on the entrepreneur's website;
place an order on the entrepreneur's website.

The entrepreneur's website should have a window for marking agreement with the terms of the public contract.

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