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How to (not) respond to traffic police requests?

Sooner or later, the activities of the company may be of interest to the tax inspector and he will send you a request for information.

Та чи варто задовольняти всі вимоги допитливого інспектора?🤔

The Tax Code stipulates what such a request should look like. Controllers often violate the requirements of the code, so consider them in more detail.

The request must contain the following information and details:

the grounds for sending the request, indicating the information confirming it;
Although there are eight grounds for sending a request, the tax authorities usually write that they "found the data contained in the tax returns submitted by the taxpayer to be inaccurate." At the same time, the tax authorities do not specify which information is unreliable.
The request may also indicate that it was sent "in other cases specified by the Tax Code." Taxpayers are subject to any provisions of the Tax Code under this category. A striking example is inquiries demanding to explain why the same product was sold by an enterprise at different prices in different years.
In both cases, such a request can be considered unfounded.
a list of information requested and a list of documents proposed to be provided;
the seal of the controlling body;
signature of the head, his deputy or authorized person. You can check the authorized persons and their powers by this link.

Violation of at least one of the requirements by the tax authorities releases the recipient from the obligation to respond to such a request. Therefore, do not rush to comply with all the requirements of the tax authorities after receiving the request, there may be grounds not to provide the requested information.

We advise you to respond to inquiries and explain to controllers why the requested information cannot be provided. This way you will communicate your position to the inspector and avoid an unscheduled inspection, as failure to respond to a request may be grounds for conducting an inspection.

If you want to prepare for the inspection, or you need to appeal the fine of the supervisory authority - leave your number and we will call you.


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