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How to behave a witness during interrogation?

If you are engaged in business and interact with a large number of contractors or participate in public procurement, there is a possibility that law enforcement officers may be interested in you.

The easiest way for an investigator to extract information is to summon him for questioning. If the investigator gets what he needs, it can have negative consequences for your business. Therefore, we will give some simple and effective tips on how to behave during the interrogation.

Gather information. During the conversation, find out from the investigator why you are summoned, in which criminal proceedings, what actions the investigator plans to take with your participation. If you have been sent a summons, copy and Google the number of the criminal proceedings. Information on your case can be published in the register of court decisions, and this will allow you to understand the essence of the case and better prepare for questioning.

Get a lawyer. The basic rule is to never go to the interrogation yourself. The presence of a lawyer will deter the investigator from abuse. The lawyer will also prepare you for questioning and will take communication with the investigator.

Don't talk too much. Give short answers to the investigator's questions that you are sure of. If you don't know or don't remember something, say so.

Check your impressions. Before signing the report, carefully read the content of the impressions, if necessary, make adjustments and sign under the impressions on each page of the protocol. Cross out the free columns to avoid posts.

The investigator can summon you for questioning no earlier than 3 days before the scheduled date of the interrogation, so you will have plenty of time to prepare.

If you want to prepare for the inspection, or you need to appeal the fine of the supervisory authority - leave your number and we will call you.


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