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Investigators' requests / requests for documents.

During the investigation, investigators send inquiries to businesses asking for copies or originals of documents. For example, they ask for the constituent documents of a legal entity, or to confirm the relationship with certain companies (contracts, invoices, bills, etc.).

Are such requests mandatory?

The investigator has the right to obtain such documents only on the basis judgment, and therefore their implementation is not mandatory. But investigators know that many companies will not go into details and send the information, which will later be used for the next batch of calls for questioning of company executives and its contractors. Therefore, to provide documents on request - means to hurt yourself.

What is the best thing to do if you receive a request from an investigator?

It is best to prepare a response stating that the company provides any documents only to enforce a court decision. Such an answer cannot be regarded as a refusal to provide documents, as the investigator actually exceeds his authority when sending a request without a court decision.

Such an answer will force the investigator to go to court. And this is an additional expense of effort and time, as well as a simple response-explanation to the request can deter from trying to obtain information in a way not provided by law.

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