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The Instruction on non-cash payments has been changed.

On January 1, 2021, amendments to the Instruction on non-cash payments in Ukraine in the national currency came into force.

What's new?🤔

Innovations allow employees independently choose a bank for the payment of wages.

This will be possible only if the procedure of transferring funds to the bank account for further transfer to employees, provided by the agreement between the bank and the employer.
If such a condition is not in the contract - the employer may refuse employee in changing the account.

A new type of accompanying documents has been introduced for payments to the account selected by the employee: accompanying statement. The statement is submitted by the employer during the transfer of wages. Such a transfer must contain a list of required details and the total amount.

The changes are designed to make life easier for employees and improve the banking market by increasing competition in this area. However, please note that the amount of the fee for such transfers is set by agreement with the bank.

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