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Business news digest for September

The Verkhovna Rada adopted amendments to the Law "On Advertising" 

On September 10, the Verkhovna Rada supported Law №3427, which prohibits discrimination and allusions to sex in advertising.

The amendments to the current Law "On Advertising" define the terms "discriminatory advertising" and "discriminatory advertising on the grounds of sex", as well as establish responsibility for the production and / or distribution of such advertising.

This Law shall enter into force three months after the day following its publication.

Changes in the field of construction control, a new body of DIAM

On September 15, the State Architectural and Construction Inspectorate (SACI) completely ceased its work, while the newly created State Inspectorate of Architecture and Urban Planning (DIAM) began to function fully. 

DIAM, in particular:

  • issues permits for the beginning of construction;
  • issues licenses to developers for construction;
  • conducts inspections for compliance with urban planning legislation;
  • takes into operation the completed facilities, etc.

With the start of DIAM's work, inspections in the field of construction began, which were suspended due to the liquidation of DABI.

The Law on Simultaneous Transfer of Land Rights in the Transfer of Ownership of Real Estate Located on It has been published 

On September 28, the Law on the unified legal share of the land plot and the real estate object placed on it was published.

The law establishes the simultaneous transfer of land use rights in the transfer of ownership of the building located on it from the land user to the new owner of the property.

That is, if you buy a building that is located on leased land, then you, together with the building, the right to lease without the conclusion of any additional agreements.

The law enters into force on October 28.

New quarantine rules

On September 13, the Cabinet of Ministers approved changes to restrictive anti-epidemic measures. Yellow and green COVID certificates are now valid in Ukraine. The yellow certificate has information about the first vaccination, and the green - about the full course of vaccination. 

If there is a "yellow" level of danger in the settlement, the quarantine restrictions will not apply if all participants or visitors of the institution and at least 80% organizers of mass events, employees of cultural institutions will have a yellow or green COVID-certificate.

If a "red" level of danger is established, the quarantine restrictions will not apply if all visitors and employees of institutions or event organizers have a green certificate.

Violation of the quarantine rules provides for liability, which can be imposed on the citizen, the seller, and the director.

Compliance with quarantine rules is monitored by the police, who can draw up reports on administrative offenses.

It should be noted that the director may not compel the vaccination or dismissal of employees, except in cases where the mandatory vaccination of employees of such professions is expressly provided by law.

The changes took effect on September 20.


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