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Digest of news for business for January

The result of administrative services can now be obtained by mail

Minifigures expands the number of administrative services, the results of which can be obtained by Ukrposhta. The Government has approved the relevant amendments to the Rules for the Provision of Postal Services and the Model Regulations of the CNAP.

Legal entities will be able to receive permits, extracts from state registers, etc. by mail. The result of the administrative service can be ordered at the post office or at the desired address. Letters to legal entities will be sent to subscribers' mailboxes, offices or handed over to a representative.

Business inspection plans for 2022 have been announced

State oversight bodies have already approved plans for inspections of business entities for 2022. All of them are published on the Inspection Portal. According to the approved plan, more than 110,000 inspections of enterprises and entrepreneurs will be conducted this year. 

The leaders in the number of inspections were:

  • State Service of Ukraine for Emergencies (54,856 inspections);
  • State Service of Ukraine for Food Safety and Consumer Protection (23,271 inspections);
  • State Service of Ukraine for Labor (17,413 inspections);
  • State Ecological Inspectorate of Ukraine (10,918 inspections).

And to check if your company is on the list of comprehensive scheduled inspections for 2022, go to link.

The procedure for submitting and considering the application for acquiring the status of a resident of Diya City has been approved

To obtain the status of a resident of Action City, you must apply to the Ministry of Finance. The application is submitted through the state web portal or by sending to the e-mail address of the Ministry of Finance. The application and the documents attached to it are electronically signed. 

The Ministry of Finance considers the application and the documents attached to it within 10 working days from the date of their receipt.

FOPs 1-3 groups can submit an annual declaration in the application "Action" 

From 22.01.2022 FOPs of groups 1-3 do not need to go to the tax office to file an annual return, now it can be done in the application "Action". Algorithm: 

  • In the Action application, in the Services section, select "Personal Taxes";
  • Click "Declarations";
  • Enter the required information;
  • The application will independently fill in the data on the Single Tax and the Single Social Contribution;
  • Sign the declaration Action. Signature.

All data and amounts in the declaration are edited. Therefore, carefully check and correct if necessary. At the bottom of the "Sign and Send" button, you can download a PDF file from a previous version to check out the fields.

Managers of companies with tax debt may be restricted from traveling abroad 

From January 1, the court may temporarily restrict the right to leave Ukraine for heads of enterprises with tax debt. This restriction applies if the company's tax debt exceeds UAH 1 million and if it is not paid within 240 days from the date of delivery of the tax claim to the debtor. 

Departure is not limited automatically or by tax decision. To temporarily restrict the head's right to travel abroad, the tax office must go to court. If the court agrees, the decision can be appealed within 10 days from the date of its promulgation.

The taxation of real estate transactions has changed 

Law 141914-IX changes the tax rate on real estate transactions. Previously, income from the sale of one object per year was not taxed, and the sale of the second and subsequent ones was taxed at the rate of 5%. 

According to the new law, income from the sale of third and subsequent real estate sold by an individual for the year must be taxed at the rate of 18% on the difference between the amount of sale and the price at which the property passed to the seller.

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