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How to move business to a safe area?

How to move business to a safe area?

Today to enterprises the state helps with the relocation. The Ministry of Economic Development proposes to fill out a form, then contact entrepreneurs and offer assistance. You can also directly contact the economic departments of regional military administrations. Entrepreneurs are helped to find premises for work, or provided premises for temporary conservation of equipment, as well as logistics.

Today, business owners have many legal questions about moving. We decided to answer some of them briefly.

Do I need to re-register a legal entity in
new region?

📍Ні, це не обов’язково, in addition, it will now be technically impossible to do so, as the registers do not work.

 Do I need to obtain work permits?

📍Так, документи отримувати need to. The Cabinet of Ministers has suspended the deadlines for issuing permits, however In western Ukraine, permitting bodies and CNAPs operate on a full-time basis and promise to issue documents on time.

 How to enter into a lease agreement?

📍 Перед укладенням договору It is important to conduct a legal inspection of the premises and the seller. Because open registers do not work now, you can only do it with paper
documents. It is also important to sign a lease agreement based on yours interests.

📍 Підготували коротку інструкцію, what to look for when concluding a lease agreement

Is it possible to rent or own land
communal property?

📍Процедура отримання землі provided by the Land Code has not changed, but because the registers do not work, it will be impossible to register the lease right today.

📍Зрозуміло, що сьогодні some of the legal nuances of moving a business are unclear, so the main thing is to move physically and continue to work.

Today we help entrepreneurs with such

  • we are negotiating with local authorities regarding business relocation
  • we help with finding premises, land to restart the business, or temporarily preserve the equipment
  • we help to obtain permits
  • we accompany the rental procedure, we conduct
    legal audit of facilities and prepare contracts
  • we help with finding partners on the ground.

    If you have any questions, write to us at, or call 0687421459, 0977865306


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