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How to make bail in criminal proceedings? Step-by-step instructions

Since bail matters are usually urgent, there is no time for lawyers or bailiffs to understand the procedure posting bail in criminal proceedings and reread the instructions and announcements on the court's website. This is especially true if custody with bail is chosen, where every hour counts. Instructions have been prepared to save precious time.

Determine the amount and payment details

In the court ruling on bail or detention with an alternative to bail, the court must establish a specific amount of the bail and write bills for its payment. Example:

Payment at the bank

We turn to any bank to pay the amount of the deposit specified in the court decision. At the bank, the cashier asks for an identity document. 

Payment is made to the deposit account specified in the decision Territorial Administration of the State Judicial Administration of Ukraine (TU DSA), at the location of the court that chose a preventive measure in the form of bail.

After depositing a deposit in the bank, we receive original receipt about the payment of funds, as well as duplicate receipt (we recommend).

The duplicate is necessary for the return of the deposit after the termination of the preventive measure or the decision on the merits of the case.

It is worth considering that the funds are credited to the account of the relevant TU DSA within 1-3 hours!

Obtaining a certificate of deposit

We submit an application to the TU DSA for the issuance of a certificate of deposit. This certificate is necessary for further submission to the pretrial detention center and the release of the detained person. 

We add to the application:

✅ Othe original of the deposit receipt;  a copy of the court decision on the application of a preventive measure; confirmation of attorney's credentials. 

FileSAMPLE application for issuing a certificate of deposit

The deposit certificate is issued by hand to the applicant on the day of application, taking into account the work schedule of the territorial administration.

Submitting a certificate to the detention center

With a certificate of bail, we apply to the relevant pre-trial detention facility (SIZO) in which the defendant is located.

It is sufficient to provide a certificate of deposit and documents certifying the authority of a lawyer at the pre-trial detention center.

✅ The procedure for release from custody can last from 1 to 4 hours from the moment the certificate of bail is provided.

Note! When releasing a defendant from custody, it is necessary to pay attention to the working hours of pretrial detention centers, since the release of persons from custody is carried out exclusively within the working schedule (we strongly disagree with this, but this is how the system currently works).

In the event of a deposit in Friday worth considering reduced working hours, this may result in the person being detained without reason until Monday !

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