How can an owner protect his business?

Business breakfast with Bargen lawyers

06.10.2021, 9.30, Honey cafe, Kyiv, Yaroslaviv Val, 20

Every day, business owners and managers solve many problems. Among them are those who do not allow normal development and endanger the existence of business.

These are checks regulatory authorities, visits of law enforcement officers, unscrupulous contractors who do not fulfill their obligations. Sometimes, internal conflicts between owners are added to this. At our business breakfast you will receive practical advice on how to protect your business. And part of the funds from our meetings will be used to create a batch of tactical shirts ubaks for the military.

What shall we talk about

How to prepare for a search and interrogation?

How to pass the inspection and not get a fine?

How to properly meet law enforcement officers and controllers?

How to check contractors and what to pay attention to when concluding contracts?

What are the typical disputes that arise in the performance of contracts and how can they be avoided?

How do business owners properly regulate their relationships with each other?

Speakers of our event

Andriy Gevko

partner, attorney

Protection of business in courts in disputes with contractors and government agencies

Business structuring, partnership organization, contracts and relationships with contractors

Dmytro Nikiforov

partner, attorney

Protection of business from law enforcement agencies. Support of searches, preparation and support during interrogations.

Who is the webinar for?

> owners and business leaders

> accountants, financial directors

> heads of security services

> legal advisers and lawyers


Trade equipment

International packaging company

Logistics company
IT company
Food manufacturer
Manufacturer of cable products

The cost of participation 300 грн (breakfast included)

How are our events going?

Bargen Law Firm

Voloska str., 2, office 1, Kyiv, 04070

mob. (097) 786 53 06

Disputes with regulatory authorities



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