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Clear pricing

The clients know what they are paying us for. We always agree about the cost of services in advance, trying to understand the real needs of our clients and do not offer unnecessary services.

Apprehensible result

We make documents simple, avoiding "legal language". This allows for a quick understanding of the essence and prevents from contradictory interpretations. We agree with the client on the different variants of the document to establish a common view of a final result.


Added value for business

We benefit from the law to make the business of our clients more efficient. We are encouraged when our clients succeed.


Being honest with the client and ourselves

We are competent, but not omnipotent. Therefore, we honestly admit when we are not able to answer certain questions. However, we never leave the client to face his problem alone but will strive to our best in finding the right expert.

Timely and convenient

We have no bureaucracy

We start working as soon as we reach an agreement. Clients do not wait for the documents to be formally processed by a large staff of the law firm. We provide immediate results in a format convenient for the client.

High quality

In-depth expertise

Members of our team worked in law firms, private enterprises and law enforcement agencies. Such experience allows for a comprehensive approach to solving problems and ensuring a quality result.

Quality is our priority

The understanding that the client must pay for the lawyer's status is gradually turning into thing of the past. The high quality of services becomes more and more important than the good name of the lawyer.


Bargen Law Firm

St. Shota Rustaveli, 11, office 602, Kyiv, 01001

mob. (063) 482 13 33


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