Dmytro Nikiforov

Dmytro gained his expertise through practicing criminal law in the prosecutor's office. Over the years of his work, Dmytro has thoroughly studied how law enforcement officers operate. He is well aware of all their weaknesses and effectively applies this knowledge in favour of his clients.

He will advocate your business during unwelcome visits of law enforcement officers. He will help to return the property that was illegally seized during the raid. Suspects, appellees, complainants and witnesses can rely on the professional assistance of a Bargen Law Firm's partner.

Dmytro defended clients in high-profile cases, knows how to properly communicate and provide information to journalists and media representatives.

Dmytro is also an expert in anti-corruption legislation and has successfully defended clients on numerous occasions in cases of corrupt administrative offenses.

He is an author of more than 30 publications on criminal law and procedure issues, anti-corruption legislation.  

Education: Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University.

Additional information:

✅ Attorney, member of the National Bar Association of Ukraine.

✅ Member of the Committee on Criminal Law and Procedure of the Ukrainian Bar Association.

✅ Graduate of the Attorney of the Future program


Legal defense in criminal proceedings

Accompaniment and preparation for searches

Preparation for interrogation

Business securiry


Advocacy of a client accused of corruption and administrative crimes
Advocacy for a client accused of a particularly grave crime
Advocacy for a Judge-Client in the case of a knowingly unfair decision.


Dmytro Nikiforov

Call for questioning: TOP-5 advice

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Dmytro Nikiforov

Conflict of interest: case law and protection advice

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