Let's deprive of parental rights

We will help protect the rights of the child

How we work

We will consult

We will analyze the circumstances of the case and determine the prospects for filing a lawsuit

We will prepare documents

We will make a statement of claim, other documents, we will help to form an evidence base for court

Let's defend in court

We will submit a statement of claim and other documents to the court, receive and execute the court decision

Our lawyers

Alexey Goryachev

I specialize in complex and non-standard disputes, but I will also help with simple ones.

I have unique experience in divorce proceedings, division of property, recovery of alimony, deprivation of parental rights, disputes over participation in the upbringing of children and other family matters.

Popular questions

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Who can be deprived of parental rights?
What is the procedure for deprivation of parental rights?
What documents are required for deprivation of parental rights?
What are the legal consequences of deprivation of parental rights?
Is it possible to deprive of parental rights for non-payment of alimony?
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