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Protection of the supplier of building materials in a dispute with the tax

The tax stopped the registration of 21 tax invoices of the company and actually blocked its work. Our lawyers in court overturned the decision to block tax invoices, and also provided the tax authorities with the necessary documents to prevent further blocking of invoices.

Protection of the agricultural company in a dispute with the State Labor Service for a total of UAH 500,000

According to the results of the inspection, the State Labor Inspectorate imposed a fine on the company in the amount of UAH 500,000 for undocumented workers. Our lawyers proved in court that the State Labor Inspectorate violated the procedure for conducting an inspection, and therefore the decision to impose a fine was illegal.

Protection of an importer of oil products in a dispute with the Energy Customs in the amount of UAH 7 million

Customs changed the UKTZED code and classified the client's diesel fuel according to Euro 3. Our lawyers proved the illegality of the customs decision and that the diesel fuel complied with Euro 5. The total cost of a batch of diesel fuel was UAH 7 million.

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