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How can a regulatory body stop your business?

webinar 24.06.2020 at 17.00

After the inspector of the controlling body finds a violation during the inspection, he files lawsuits to stop the operation of buildings or equipment. Inspectors of the State Emergency Service, the State Labor Inspectorate, the Ecoinspection, and the State Food and Consumer Service have such powers. The wrong protection strategy can block business and cause damage.

At the webinar you will learn

Who and how can stop your business?

How to behave during the inspection to reduce the risks of a lawsuit to stop

What was the procedure when you learned that the inspector wanted to close your business?

How do courts deal with such cases and what defense strategy to choose in court?

At the webinar we will analyze practical situations for different regulatory authorities

.. and much more!

Who is the webinar for?

> owners and business leaders

> accountants, financial directors

> engineers in ecology and fire safety

> engineers for labor protection, quality

> legal advisers and lawyers


Andriy Gevko

the partner, a lawyer for the law firm Bargen, has ten years of experience in protecting business in disputes with regulatory and law enforcement agencies.


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Extreme park
Supplier of building materials
Agricultural producer
IT developer

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