How to unlock a tax invoice?

WEBINAR with Bargen lawyers

06.12.2023, 17.30 / online

There is a suspension of registration of tax invoices one of the real problems of Ukrainian business.

Illegal actions of tax specialists lead to the closure of enterprises, conflicts between contractors and numerous litigations. At our webinar we will provide practical tips on how to unlock a tax invoice in pre-trial and court proceedings.

What shall we talk about

Why stop tax invoices?

How to prepare an explanation so that the tax can hear you?

Risk counterparty: is it worth cooperating?

Tax reservations in contracts. How to collect the uncollected loan from the counterparty?

What is important to consider when going to court?

Execution of the decision on registration of tax invoices.

Speakers of our event

Business structuring, partnership organization, contracts and relationships with contractors

Ksenia Zakharova

lawyer of YF Bargen

Protection of business in disputes with contractors and government agencies, inspection of contractors

Who is the webinar for?

> owners and business leaders

> accountants, financial directors

> lawyers and advocates


Trade equipment

International packaging company

Logistics company
IT company
Food manufacturer
Trade in cable products

How are our events going?

Bargen Law Firm

St. Shota Rustaveli, 11, office 602, Kyiv, 01001

mob. (097) 786 53 06

Disputes with regulatory authorities



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