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How to save money when working with


WEBINAR 30.11.2021 at 17.00

Entrepreneurs seek to quickly get the maximum profit. This is normal. However, sometimes something goes wrong and instead of profit, you can lose money because of an unscrupulous partner. It is after this that entrepreneurs look into the contract they have concluded. There are not always provisions that effectively protect the injured party. In the webinar, real-life examples are provided, in particular, we will look at a case example based on it dropshipping site.

At the webinar we will analyze real cases, and you will learn how not to lose money when working with contractors, as well as:

why check the counterparty before concluding the contract

what information about the company can be found online and what to do with it

what to pay attention to when concluding contracts

what documents need to be drawn up during the performance of the contract

what typical disputes arise during the execution of contracts and how they can be avoided

.. and much more!

Who is the webinar for?

> owners and business leaders

> accountants, financial directors

> procurement managers

> legal advisers and lawyers


Sviatoslav Bartosh

co-founder of Bargen Law Firm, has been helping his clients' businesses work effectively for over ten years

Ksenia Zakharova

lawyer of Bargen Law Firm, prepares contracts that protect the interests of clients and checks contractors before concluding a contract


Trade equipment

International packaging company

Logistics company
IT company
Food manufacturer
Trade in cable products

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