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Do not ship our customer, filing a lawsuit for 300 thousand

UAH 300,000 was saved by our client due to cooperation with Bargen Law Firm. The businessman rented a room in the Caravan shopping center for trade and paid all payments on time. However, one morning the security of the shopping center took away all its property and proceeds and blocked employees' access to jobs.

Due to inadequate actions of the landlord, the entrepreneur stopped further cooperation with the shopping center. However, a year and a half later, the Caravan shopping center went to court and demanded the payment of UAH 300,000 in rent. According to them, our client had to pay for the rented premises even after he was evicted from there.

In court, we proved that our client is not obliged to pay for all the time during which he could not use the premises. The local and appellate commercial courts agreed with the arguments of Bargen Law Firm's lawyers and refused to satisfy the claims of the Caravan shopping center.

Вітаємо нашого клієнта зі збереженням бюджету 🙂



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