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News digest for engineers for July-August 2019

The Cabinet of Ministers approved a number of Technical Regulations

On August 14, 2019, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the Technical Regulations, which contain requirements for ecodesign for a number of goods, namely:

  • for electricity consumption by electrical and electronic household and office equipment in the "standby", "off" mode and network "standby" mode (Resolution №733);
  • for household lamps of non-directional radiation (resolution №734);
  • for computers and computer servers (Resolution №737);
  • for fluorescent lamps without integrated ballast, high-intensity discharge lamps, as well as ballasts and luminaires designed to work with such lamps (regulation №741).

These resolutions come into force 6 months after their publication, ie, 21.02.2020. At the same time, each of these Technical Regulations provides for a phased application.

All these Technical Regulations set requirements for goods in terms of indicators that affect their "environmental friendliness". For example, the Technical Regulation, which was approved by Resolution №733, sets requirements for the level of energy consumption by appliances in standby mode "," off ". Technical regulation №741 establishes various indicators of lamp efficiency and contains formulas for calculation of these indicators.

Adoption of these Technical Regulations is due to the need to harmonize Ukrainian and European legislation.

Lawyer's comment:

These Technical Regulations set requirements for both goods manufactured in Ukraine and those imported from abroad. Therefore, if your activity is related to the production or import of such goods, we recommend that you start preparing to bring them into line with the new provisions of the law.

The Ministry of Regional Development, BRDO, SES and UCSB signed Memorandum of long-term cooperation

07/25/2019 The Ministry of Regional Development, Construction and Housing of Ukraine, the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, the BRDO Office for Effective Regulation and the Ukrainian Steel Construction Center Association signed a Memorandum on long-term cooperation and joint efforts to improve requirements on rationing of fire resistance of building designs.

The main purpose of the memorandum is to meet the level of countries with a high level of technology, to integrate foreign experience into Ukraine, to make buildings in Ukraine safe, high quality and cheaper, and to use technologies that can accelerate construction by 15% and reduce it by 20-30%.

Lawyer's comment:

The memorandum is not a legal document, but simply testifies to certain intentions of its signatories. However, it is very likely that the signing of this memorandum will be a prerequisite for making changes to the current DBN in terms of standardization of fire resistance of building structures.

On August 1, changes to DBN B.2.2-23: 2009 "Trade enterprises" came into force

In previous issues, we have already written that in DBN B.2.2-23: 2009 "Trade Enterprises" changes were made regarding the requirements for glass in doors, partitions and walls for additional lighting.

From August 1, 2019, these changes came into force.

From now on, to increase the safety of visitors in shopping malls, malls, shops, for translucent filling of doors and transoms (upper leaves) in doors, partitions and walls for additional lighting it is necessary to use safety or reinforced glass.

These norms apply to the design of new, reconstruction and expansion of existing buildings and individual premises of retail trade (shops, markets) except for wholesalers, car dealerships and auto parts stores, weapons, building materials warehouses, manufacturing companies and temporary stores.

Lawyer's comment:

DBN B.2.2-23: 2009 "Trade enterprises" are mandatory for all. Therefore, if your company plans to carry out work on the reconstruction or construction of shopping and entertainment centers, supermarkets and other stores, you need to consider the requirements of these DBN.


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