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Bureau of Economic Security: what should business expect?

The Bureau of Economic Security of Ukraine will be responsible for combating economic crimes. What should a business know about?

The Bureau of Economic Security of Ukraine will be responsible for combating economic crimes. BEB will take over the relevant powers from the police, SBU and tax police. The planned start date is not earlier than the summer of 2021.

What should a business know about?

✅ New detectives will appear. Analytical work, operational activities and investigation will be conducted by BEP detectives. Their powers should be defined by the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine, but the adopted Law did not amend the CPC, so we will wait for changes to the profile code.

✅ The Bureau will have free access to all state registers. The information will also be passed to the Bureau by the State Financial Monitoring Service of Ukraine, the National Securities and Stock Market Commission, the AMCU, the State Property Fund of Ukraine, tax authorities, customs and other state bodies.

This means that Fr.expect a large number of factual criminal proceedings based on the results of BEP's analytical activities and investigative / procedural actions (interrogations, seizures, searches) in business.

✅ The Bureau will be able to protect the economic interests of the state in the competent authorities of foreign states. Therefore, high-profile cases are possible, as well as the demand for protection in criminal offenses that have taken place in several states.

✅ The Bureau will have central and territorial offices. The maximum number of BEP employees is not more than 4,000 people. Bureau employees it will be possible to bring to disciplinary responsibility for non-performance / improper performance of duties. This is very good, as it is currently impossible to prosecute police, tax police and SBU investigators, which has contributed to various abuses, such as theft of property during searches, unwarranted interrogations, seizure of a large number of original business documents.

✅ Public control. A public council will be established under the BEP to ensure the transparent operation of the newly created body. Currently, such councils have been established under NABU and DBR.


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