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Wartime legal news. Issue 4

We have prepared a short digest of news that can be useful for entrepreneurs. Under martial law, the state leadership promptly makes decisions aimed at supporting citizens and businesses. Therefore, we will periodically inform you of changes. Below we have collected the main news for the period from March 28 to April 3.

Instead of the traditional legal pictures to lift your spirits, we are again sketching you some military memes.


Changes to the order of execution of court decisions

Earlier, the Cabinet of Ministers suspended the execution of court decisions where the collectors were Russian residents and allowed expenditure transactions on some seized accounts of Ukrainians and Ukrainian companies.

Now the Verkhovna Rada has already made appropriate amendments to the Law of Ukraine "On Enforcement Proceedings".

As a result:

📌 зупинені виконавчі дії та заборонено замінювати стягувачів у виконавчих діях, стягувачами за якими є росія, громадяни росії, російські юридичні особи, іноземні юридичні особи серед кінцевих бенефіціарних власників, членів або учасників яких є резиденти росії. Обмеження не поширюється на тих росіян, які законно проживають на території України;

📌 дозволені видаткові операції з арештованих рахунків фізичних осіб, за умови, якщо сума стягнення за виконавчим документом не перевищує 100 тисяч гривень;

📌 дозволені видаткові операції з арештованих рахунків юридичних осіб, для виплати заробітної плати в розмірі не більше п’яти мінімальних розмірів заробітної плати в місяць на одного працівника, а також для сплати податків і ЄСВ;

📌 припиняється звернення стягнення на заробітну плату, пенсію, стипендію та інший дохід боржника. Це не поширюється на виконання рішень про стягнення аліментів та рішень, боржниками за якими є росіяни.


Simplified procedure for confirming compliance of medical devices with the requirements of technical regulations

For the period of martial law and for 3 months after its completion, the Ukrainian conformity assessment bodies for medical devices may recognize the results of the conformity assessment conducted by foreign bodies.

That is, if medical devices are legally introduced on the EU market, then for their further sale on the territory of Ukraine it will not be necessary to undergo an additional procedure to confirm compliance with the requirements of Ukrainian technical regulations.

This simplification applies to active implantable medical devices, in vitro diagnostic medical devices and other medical devices.


State guarantees for loans to farmers

The Cabinet of Ministers has expanded the scope of the resolution, which provides for the provision of state guarantees for loans to entrepreneurs.

In particular, a state guarantee can now be provided to cover an 80% loan issued by the bank to finance crops, purchase of agricultural products, as well as fertilizers, plant protection products, pesticides and agrochemicals, fuels and lubricants, spare parts, fixed assets and intangible assets. wages, lease of real estate and movable property, other goods (works, services) used by business entities - agricultural producers during operations.

Loans under state guarantees have the right to issue banks that have previously been selected to participate in the loan program "5-7-9".

The Government has also set limits on such state guarantees for each bank.


Quarantine restrictions are suspended for the period of martial law

The Cabinet of Ministers amended its resolution defining different levels of quarantine restrictions during the COVID-19 epidemic. Such restrictions shall be suspended during martial law.

The list of critical import goods has been changed

The Cabinet of Ministers made a number of changes to the list of critical import goods, which was approved by Resolution №153 of 24.02.2022. Part of the position was deleted, part was supplemented, and part was changed. We remind you that if your product is included in this list, you can buy currency and pay for it with this product. For other goods, currency trading is still prohibited. This list is constantly updated and extensive, so we do not list it here, but recommend reading it yourself.


The procedure for passing phytosanitary control has been simplified

The Cabinet of Ministers has regulated the procedure for implementing phytosanitary measures and procedures under martial law.

It is established that the State Food and Consumer Service exercises its powers on the principle of extraterritoriality. This means that you can submit and receive documents, administrative services and phytosanitary procedures in the field of plant quarantine and protection in any territorial body of the Service, and phytosanitary examination (analysis) can be done in any phytosanitary laboratory within the scope of the Service .

Phytosanitary control of the accompanying wooden packing material classified under commodity positions 4407 and 4415 according to UKTZED (pallets and boxes) is not carried out.

There is no need to obtain quarantine certificates for the movement of corn, rapeseed, sugar beet seeds and many other crops through the territory of Ukraine.


The government has begun collecting information on damaged property

The Cabinet of Ministers approved the procedure for submitting information on damaged property.

So far, such information is collected exclusively on residential real estate of citizens that was destroyed or damaged as a result of hostilities.

Messages can be submitted either through the Action or in paper form through the CNAP.

The notice, in addition to the applicant's data and information about the property itself, requires information on damage or destruction of real estate (date and approximate time of the event, description of damage, photo, video recording (if available).

The resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers states that the issue of compensation for damage and destruction of real estate as a result of hostilities will be regulated by a separate law. The informational report on damage will be equated to the submission of an application for compensation for damaged and destroyed real estate.

That is, while the Government is only collecting information about the damage. It is not yet a question of estimating the cost of damages and the procedure for compensation. However, we recommend that such a notification be provided to provide the authorities with up-to-date information on the extent of the destruction.


The Ministry of Justice has restored the possibility of many registration actions

The Ministry of Justice has published a list of available registration actions and a list of territorial departments of justice and local councils where these registration actions can be carried out.

In particular, it is possible to carry out the following registration actions:

📌 створення благодійних організацій та громадських об’єднань і змін до відомостей про них, у тому числі до статутів;

📌 створення товариств із обмеженою відповідальністю, створення фермерського господарства, зміни керівника юридичної особи, крім громадських формувань, зміни місцезнаходження юридичної особи;

📌 змін до установчих документів, якими передбачається виключно зміна місцезнаходження юридичної особи;

📌 зміни видів економічної діяльності юридичної особи;

📌 органів державної влади, органів місцевого самоврядування, казенних підприємств, державних підприємств, комунальних підприємств, комунальних організацій (установ, закладів), державних організацій (установ, закладів), а також акціонерних товариств, які є банками;

📌 реєстрація фізичної особи підприємцем, припинення підприємницької діяльності фізичної особи-підприємця, зміни до відомостей про фізичну особу-підприємця.

We remind that earlier the Cabinet of Ministers decided that all registration actions can be performed on the principle of extraterritoriality. That is, to carry out the registration action it is enough to apply to the working state registrar. It was also possible to perform registration actions without notarization of documents, if the signatures on the documents were made in the presence of state registrars.


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