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Wartime legal news. Issue 6

We have prepared a short digest of news that can be useful for entrepreneurs. Under martial law, the state leadership promptly makes decisions aimed at supporting citizens and businesses. Therefore, we will periodically inform you of changes. Below we have collected the main news for the period from 11 to 17 April.

Instead of the traditional legal pictures to lift your spirits, we are again sketching you some military memes.


The terms in the field of intellectual property protection have been suspended

The Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Interests of Persons in the Sphere of Intellectual Property during Martial Law Imposed in Connection with the Armed Aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine" entered into force.

This law suspends the expiration of terms in the field of intellectual property protection. One of the most important is to suspend the validity of certificates for intellectual property. The law stipulates that if the validity of a certificate falls on the day of martial law in Ukraine or on another date during martial law, the relevant action to extend the validity of the certificate is considered timely if it is committed no later than 90 days from the day following the day of cessation of martial law.


The procedure for renting state and municipal property has been changed

The Verkhovna Rada amended the Law on Lease of State and Municipal Property. Now the Cabinet of Ministers has the right to establish simplified rules for the lease of state and municipal property for the period of martial law. It is worth waiting for the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers on these issues, which we will announce in addition.

The law also stipulates that the term of lease agreements of state property, which are concluded during martial law, may not exceed 12 months after the termination or termination of martial law.


Kyiv City Council has exempted tenants of communal property from rent

The Kyiv City Council adopted a decision exempting from rent all tenants of communal property in the city of Kyiv for the period of martial law and for one month after its end.


The procedure for registration of agricultural machinery has been changed

On April 12, 2022, the Cabinet of Ministers made changes to the Procedure for departmental registration and deregistration of tractors, self-propelled chassis, self-propelled agricultural, road-building and reclamation machines, agricultural machinery, and other mechanisms.

A temporary procedure for registering agricultural machinery for the period of martial law has been introduced. To register, you must provide a copy of the title deed and the identity document of the owner. Inspection of equipment is carried out by inspectors if possible.

Temporary registration certificates are issued for vehicles that have passed the simplified registration. These coupons are valid during martial law and for six months after its termination. Next, the equipment will need to be re-registered according to standard procedures.


The Ministry of Finance held another auction for the sale of military IGLBs

This is not entirely legal news, but we decided to tell you about another way to support the economy. We are talking about the sale of military bonds by the state. These are debt securities of the state, on which the state guarantees profitability. That is, you lend money to the state now, and later get it back with interest.

Since the beginning of the full-scale war, the Ministry of Finance has held 14 auctions for the sale of military bonds. If you would like to buy bonds, you can do so through banks or licensed brokers: PrivatBank, Ukrgasbank, Ukreximbank, Alfa-Bank, FUIB, "Southern", ICU, Univer Capital (mobile application Wotan), Dragon Capital, BTS Broker.


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