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Advocacy of a client accused of corruption and administrative crimes

The client, the head of the village council, was suspected of 5 criminal law infringement and the case expedited to court. The court of the first instance found the client guilty and sentenced him to 5 years of deprivation of freedom and seizure of property. However the evidence provided by the advocacy became the basis for the Сourt of Appeal to overturn the verdict, which cancelled the verdict and directed the case for a new trial to the court of first instance.

The Court of Appeal cancelled the verdict because of numerous procedural violations committed during investigation and the unofficial investigative actions, as well as the provocation of the crime by a specially trained law enforcement officer.

The importance was that after dismissal, the work at the council was blocked, and the client return to the performance of his duties only after the guilty verdict was reversed. 

Advocacy for a client accused of a particularly grave crime

Lawyers support the case of a client suspected of participating in an organized group that traded in organs. During the pre-trial investigation, the defense proved the need to reduce the bail from 480 to 320 thousand UAH, and during the trial changed the precautionary protection to a personal obligation and returned the bail to the client in full.

The significance of the case was that after the bail was reduced, the immediate relatives paid the bail. The court was also persuaded that the charge was unfounded, which resulted in the bail being recovered and the restriction being amended. 

Protection of a construction company in factual criminal proceedings

We serve a construction company that operates in the private sector and is involved in many public procurements. In this regard, the company often receives inquiries, requests, receives decisions to seize documents from various law enforcement agencies. Bargen's lawyers process all inquiries and represent them before law enforcement in criminal proceedings.

To refute the suspicion of misappropriation of budget funds, lawyers are preparing evidence that confirms the absence of overpricing and the quality of materials used. In 2020, Bargen's lawyers conducted 6 searches in the company's office, thanks to communication with law enforcement, the client's business processes were not disrupted, and employees continued their work.

At present, neither the client nor his contractors have been notified of the suspicion in any of the criminal proceedings.

Protection of a bank employee in a case of misappropriation of budget funds

Our client is a former bank employee. In 2021, the Client was suspected of embezzling bank funds and illegally issuing loans. Bargen's lawyers defend the client against suspicion. Already at the initial stage, the lawyers refused to choose a measure of restraint for the client. 

After analyzing the materials, analyzing the client's job description, the lawyers chose a defense strategy that proves the absence of selfish motives, evidence of misappropriation of bank funds, lack of authority to dispose of bank funds. The defense gathered evidence to confirm the client's lack of influence on the loan approval procedure. The trial is underway.

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