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Dmytro gained his expertise through practicing criminal law in the prosecutor's office. Over the years of his work, Dmytro has thoroughly studied how law enforcement officers operate. He is well aware of all their weaknesses and effectively applies this knowledge in favour of his clients.

He will advocate your business during unwelcome visits of law enforcement officers. He will help to return the property that was illegally seized during the raid. Suspects, appellees, complainants and witnesses can rely on the professional assistance of a Bargen Law Firm's partner.


Advocacy of a client accused of corruption and administrative crimes

The client, the head of the village council, was suspected of 5 criminal law infringement and the case expedited to court. The court of the first instance found the client guilty and sentenced him to 5 years of deprivation of freedom and seizure of property. However the evidence provided by the advocacy became the basis for the Сourt of Appeal to overturn the verdict, which cancelled the verdict and directed the case for a new trial to the court of first instance.

The Court of Appeal cancelled the verdict because of numerous procedural violations committed during investigation and the unofficial investigative actions, as well as the provocation of the crime by a specially trained law enforcement officer.

The importance was that after dismissal, the work at the council was blocked, and the client return to the performance of his duties only after the guilty verdict was reversed. 

Advocacy for a client accused of a particularly grave crime

Lawyers are supervising the case of a client suspected of participating in an organized group that was trafficking organs. During the pre-trial proceedings, the defender proved the necessity to reduce the charging bail from UAH 480 to 320 thousand, and during the court proceedings, he managed to change the preventive measure to a personal obligation and returned the full amount of the bail to the client.

The significance of the case was that after the bail was reduced, the immediate relatives paid the bail. The court was also persuaded that the charge was unfounded, which resulted in the bail being recovered and the restriction being amended. 

Refunded amount: UAH 320 thousand.

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