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The only window at the Kharkiv customs. Meeting of government agencies and EVA member companies

Bartosz. EVA

From February 1, most of the cargo is processed at customs using the "single window" mechanism. In addition to customs, goods imported and exported from Ukraine are controlled by a number of other bodies and services. They ensure that goods are safe for human life and health and for the environment. It is for the control of such related services that the "single window" principle has been introduced.

The "single window" is software that is implemented in order to significantly simplify the procedure for passing various forms of control of goods. This program allows entrepreneurs - subjects of foreign economic activity, to send scanned copies of documents at once to all services that must carry out control, rather than carrying paper documents from one inspector to another. This program also allows you to control the staff of related services, because all their decisions that they make in the process of control, are also displayed in a "single window". And this is not all the benefits of a "single window".

However, the disadvantages are also more than enough. They are caused by both software imperfections and inconsistencies in legislation. In order to identify and, if possible, eliminate these shortcomings, the Kharkiv office of the European Business Association organized a meeting of members of the Association with the management of the Kharkiv Customs SFS and representatives of all related services working in a "single window".

Partner of a law firm Bargen Sviatoslav Bartosh moderated and expert of this meeting.

At the beginning of the meeting Svyatoslav Bartosh told the members of the Association about the essence of the "single window" and the stages of its implementation. In connection with the latest changes in the profile resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers (PKMU №364), entrepreneurs in the area of Kharkiv Customs until May 1, 2018 are free to register goods using a "single window" and in "paper form". Therefore, there is still time to identify problems in the work of the "Single Window" and eliminate them. 

Then the heads of the Kharkiv customs of the SFS told about the first results of the "single window" in the region and called on entrepreneurs to use the new program more actively. Customs officials also noted an increase in the number of customs clearances using a "single window" even at checkpoints where entrepreneurs have the opportunity to voluntarily choose the method of control (paper or electronic).

After that, the heads of related bodies briefly told about the work of the "single window" in each of the services - the State Coinspection, the relevant departments of the State Food and Consumer Service and the Southern Regional Service of State Veterinary Control at the state border and transport.

Members of the Association had the opportunity to ask questions about the problematic moments that they found during their work in the "single window".

Some of the issues were caused by software flaws. One of such shortcomings is the impossibility of registration in one batch of those goods that are subject to different types of control.

Some questions concerned the different interpretation of the provisions of the legislation on the passage of sanitary and epidemiological control of international express shipments by the customs and controlling bodies. As all stakeholders were present at the meeting, it was immediately possible to find a way out of the controversial situation.

Members of the Association also complained that the "Single Window" does not take into account certain features of business turnover. In particular, entrepreneurs proposed to reflect in the customs declaration the results of the relevant types of state control. This is due to the fact that in the further sale of imported goods, representatives of retail chains require suppliers of documentary evidence of such goods passing these types of control.

Customs representatives will refer issues that could not be resolved at the regional level to the SFS.

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