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How to provide documents during the inspection?

Inspectors often abuse their rights and during inspections require companies to provide any documents that the inspector wishes to see.
Are such inspector's requirements legal? Ofcourse not.
The scope of what the inspector can check is limited by the subject of the inspection by the controlling body.
What exactly the inspector came to check must be indicated in the direction of the inspection. For example, one employee complained that he had been fired illegally and the State Labor Service came to check the legality of such dismissal. In this case, the inspector should not check whether you pay wages to other employees on time.
The inspector may require from you only those documents that you must have in accordance with the law.
That is, the inspector cannot say something like "other companies have such a magazine." The requirement to have a document must be expressly provided by law and the inspector must explain it.
Only copies of documents can be taken from you.
If you still provide documents:
- provide them only at the written request of the inspector;
- write cover letters to those copies of the documents you send;
- do not leave the inspector alone with the originals;
- Be sure to indicate why you do not provide any documents from the list indicated by the inspector.
You can read how to pass confidential documents to the inspector in this article.

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