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How to consolidate the intentions of the parties to enter into an agreement?

You have found the perfect car that you would like to buy. Already agreed on everything with the seller, bargained for a good price. However, he asks to wait a few more days to buy another car for a change. You don't seem to mind, but you're afraid he won't change his mind or change the price. Of course, the seller also asks for a deposit in order to remove the ad for sale.

It is for such cases that there is a preliminary agreement.

This is an agreement in which the parties agree that they will enter into a basic agreement within a specified period on a predetermined terms.

On the example of a car, the parties in the preliminary agreement may agree that 20 days after signing the preliminary agreement, they will enter into a contract of sale of the car. At the same time, they can fix the cost of selling the car and its equipment or any other conditions of sale.

Also, such a contract can determine the consequences of the fact that the seller or buyer will change his mind to enter into the main contract. It may be an obligation to pay a certain amount to the other party as monetary compensation for the inconvenience caused.

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