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Why a blogger contract?

When a blogger gains a certain number of subscribers, advertisers start contacting him. The blogger also needs to form a team that will help him with the design of pages, posts, content preparation.

The blogger continues to grow the audience, sell advertising, but no one thinks about the legal aspect. Therefore, we will try to understand why the blogger still has a contract and with whom he should conclude it.

Agreement with the advertiser

Sooner or later, a successful blogger is approached by an advertiser and invited to advertise their products or services.

Someone asks to write down a few pages, someone needs a post in the news feed. Some do not want to pay in advance, others agree to 50% prepayment.

At the same time, there may be a situation where the advertiser does not pay or requires to write more pages than was initially agreed. To avoid any unforeseen situations, the blogger will be helped by a contract.

The contract can regulate the volume of content and terms of its publication, the order of payment and liability for late payment. Also, the contract may contain many nuances that will govern the relationship with the advertiser from A to Z.

In addition, it is important to note in the contract that the blogger is not responsible for the quality of products or services, and provides its audience only the information provided to him by the advertiser. This is to ensure that in the case of complaints from consumers who have used the advertised product or service, the advertiser does not accuse the blogger of providing inaccurate information to his audience.

Pay attention! Large advertisers usually have their own contracts, which bloggers sign without analyzing its provisions. Often such agreements contain quite unfavorable conditions for the blogger, in particular, quite significant fines for late publication. In such a situation, you should analyze the contract yourself or with the help of lawyers and not be afraid to offer your own amendments to the contract.

An even better option is to have your own contract and already agree with the advertiser your version.

Agreement with the team

As the audience grows, the blogger may decide to hire assistants. It can be a story maker, photographer, designer, SMM manager, etc. We recommend that you contract with anyone who does certain work for the blogger. Especially if such work is performed on a regular basis.

What can such an agreement contain? The contract may regulate a clear list of obligations of the contractor and their features, the procedure for performing such duties, the cost of services of the contractor and the procedure for payment. The contract may also specify the distribution of intellectual property rights to objects created by the contractor and include a section on confidential information.

Please note that the contract may also prohibit the contractor from working independently with the same advertisers that the blogger works with, or from working with the blogger's competitors, or even from doing the same activity (running a similar blog).

The contract with the contractor is a guarantee of the contractor's compliance with his responsibilities and protection of the blogger from possible competition from the contractor.

Contract for educational courses

Some bloggers run their own educational courses. And in this situation it is also not superfluous to prepare a contract for such courses. If the course can be purchased by a theoretically unlimited number of people, then the contract should be made in the format of a public contract - an offer, and place such an offer on the website of the course.

Such an agreement is necessary so that in the future the course participant does not try to return the money paid by him if he does not like the course or if he does not achieve the desired result after completing the course.

The contract must specify:

  • what exactly will the course include (recorded video lessons, online classes, homework, communication with the curator, etc.);
  • the order of passing the course (term of the course, the order of gaining access to the course, the exam at the end of the course, the certificate);
  • course cost and payment procedure;
  • intellectual component of the course.

In our opinion, it is also important to stipulate in the contract that the learning outcome depends solely on the skills and abilities of the participant to protect themselves from possible claims from the participants.

Properly prepared contract reduces the number of probable disputes and will protect the blogger from unscrupulous customers and contractors. Contact us if you need help drafting a contract.


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