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RRO software is already working!

From August 1, 2020, businesses can use software RRO.

What is a software RRO?
This is a special program that transmits tax information about settlement transactions. This program can be used on computers, phones, tablets, etc. Software RRO was created to replace obsolete cash registers.

How to get software RRO?
Software RRO can be downloaded free of charge in the Electronic office of the taxpayer or purchased from businesses.

How to start working with software RRO?
inform the tax office that you will use the software RRO;
issue an electronic signature and provide it to the tax office;
every day before starting work to send the tax notice of the opening of the work shift.

After performing these actions, you can use the software PPO.

How to issue a check using software RRO?🤔
The law provides for several options:
reproduce on the display of the device with PPO QR-code which the client will be able to scan;
send an electronic check to a phone number or e-mail;
print a check on paper.

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