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How to act during a search?

Every year, law enforcement officers increase the number of searches, which constantly affects the business.

ATbut why did the searches become more frequent? The law allows law enforcement officers to easily initiate criminal proceedings in minutes, which they enjoy. It is also easy for an investigator to obtain a court decision on a search.

Therefore, we recall the basic rules of conduct during the visit of law enforcement officers, relevant for both business owners and employees.

Tell your lawyer. Searches are always unexpected. Make sure you sign a contract with your lawyer in advance, as his or her presence prevents him from being abused by investigators and operatives.

Request a copy of the search warrant. The address in the decision must match your address. Already at this stage, it is possible to legally prevent a search, only after carefully reading the court decision!

Require identification. Only an investigator or prosecutor can conduct a search, it is possible to find out about the status of a person only from a certificate. In addition, if there is an abuse on the part of the participants in the search, you need to know exactly who conducted it, so that later it was possible to bring this person to justice.

Concerning mobile phones and data carriers. They should not be in a prominent place or on the desktop. It is best to keep with you, the phone should be put into silent mode.

We don't pass anything at militiamen. You do not have to tell anyone your passwords.

We do not give any impressions. When asked to speak, he refused to testify. Only officially, due to the service of the summons 3 days before the date of interrogation.

Following these simple tips will help you get searched with minimal risk to the team and the leader.

Do you need to prepare your company for a search? We can spend training for the company: "How to protect yourself during a search?

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