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How to change the director of the company?

Business owners may at any time dismiss one director of the company and appoint another. 

Note that if the director's powers are terminated without his consent solely by decision of the owners of the enterprise, the director will be entitled to severance pay in the amount of six months' average earnings. Therefore, it is better to agree on the release by agreement of the parties. 

If the LLC has one participant, the dismissal of the director is made by the decision of the participant of the LLC. If there are several participants, it is necessary to draw up the minutes of the general meeting of the company. 

The content of the decision and the protocol is approximately the same. It is necessary to indicate the date of termination of powers of one director and the date from which another director begins to perform his duties.
The signatures of the participants on the protocol or on the decision are notarized.

Registration of a change of director must be made by either the previous or the newly elected director. For example, if the owners decide to terminate the powers of the director from October 27, and the registration is carried out on October 28, then such registration must already be carried out by the newly elected director.

Registration of a change of director can be done both with the registrar at the Center for Administrative Services (CNAP) and with a notary.

After registration, you need to change the keys to access the bank accounts of the company and electronic digital signatures of the company.

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