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Homeworkers and spacers.

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has adopted a law regulating home and remote work.

What has changed?🤔
The law defines home and distance work and their features.

- performed by the employee only at the place of residence or in certain premises;
- the workplace is fixed and cannot be changed : exclamation:without the consent of the owner;
- employees are subject to the general mode of operation of the enterprise;
- ensuring safe working conditions is the responsibility of the owner.

Remote work
- is performed in any place at the employee's choice and with the use of information and communication technologies;
- the employee independently determines the workplace and is responsible for ensuring safe working conditions;
- in agreement with the owner, the employee may partially perform work at the workplace in the premises or on the territory of the owner of the enterprise;
- the employee distributes working time independently: exclamation:, it is not subject to the rules of internal labor regulations.

The law also establishes full financial responsibility homemaker for damage or loss of property.

So now employers have the opportunity to optimize work at the company without fear of fines from the State Labor and for their property.

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